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Latin America

Many people are likely unaware that Colombia, a country renowned for its beaches and tropical landscapes, is also home to snow and glaciers.
Skiing in Chile and Argentina traces its roots back to the construction of the Transandine Railway in the Andes, where European workers utilized skis to traverse the snowy valleys of the central Andes. In the path of this railway lies the legendary Ski Portillo, a world-class hotel and ski resort. Its exceptional facilities, high-quality snow, uncrowded slopes, and spectacular location make it the perfect place to indulge in Andean skiing. As South America's first ski resort, Ski Portillo holds a significant place in the global history of winter sports.
Another great project related to winter sports and skiing in Brazil is: Ski na Rua, a non-profit organization created by Olympic athlete and cross country skier Leandro Ribela, that develops an educational sports project with young people in high vulnerability situations in the São Remo community, in the western region of São Paulo.
When we think of Brazil, beautiful beaches, football, bossa nova, and the vast Amazon jungle typically come to our mind. It’s hard to imagine that snowfall and skiing are possible in this huge tropical country.
This country is not the first place that comes to mind when we talk about snow sports, but it has more skiing culture than we imagine. Bolivia is a sovereign country located in the central-western region of South America. The country is divided into nine departments and 112 provinces, with Sucre serving as the official capital, housing the judiciary.
Cerro Catedral, with over 100 km of ski slopes and a spectacular freeride terrain, is the largest ski resort in South America. Patagonia never fails to impress its inhabitants and visitors, thanks to its pristine, unique, and desolate landscapes. On the Argentine side of the Andes Mountain Range – the longest in the world – lies the city of Bariloche, located about 1500 km from the capital of the country, Buenos Aires.
This ski resort is 1,200 km from Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, and offers a perfect blend of pure nature, freeride skiing, world class infrastructure and ski slopes for all levels of skiers.
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