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When it comes to freeride skiing in Oceania, New Zealand often springs to mind as the go-to destination. However, Australia has much to offer as well.
Snowmads is a common project of Austrian pro freeskier and adventurer Fabian Lentsch and Karin Lechner, head of athlete management agency Nine&One.
While Alaska may have been the last frontier for skiing a decade or two ago, the search for a truly wild experience has forced skiers elsewhere. Roughly ten years ago, TGR co-founder and Far Out director Steve Jones found himself in the mountains of Croatia with a local snowboarder and explorer named Seb Fleiss. The two had never met before, but Jones sensed something about Fleiss, and over the years a friendship blossomed, leading to several TGR trips to Eastern Europe. However, Fleiss kept bringing up the idea of skiing in Albania, but things never seemed to line up.
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