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The adventure travel company, Untamed Borders, was the first to lead ski excursions to Afghanistan in 2011. The company has been operating there since, taking international tourists annually, apart from a brief break during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour operator leads adventure ski excursions to the Koh-e-Baba Mountain range in Bamiyan Province, located in the center of the country. This region offers expansive acres of great powder and virgin routes, making it perfect for backcountry skiing.
While Alaska may have been the last frontier for skiing a decade or two ago, the search for a truly wild experience has forced skiers elsewhere. Roughly ten years ago, TGR co-founder and Far Out director Steve Jones found himself in the mountains of Croatia with a local snowboarder and explorer named Seb Fleiss. The two had never met before, but Jones sensed something about Fleiss, and over the years a friendship blossomed, leading to several TGR trips to Eastern Europe. However, Fleiss kept bringing up the idea of skiing in Albania, but things never seemed to line up.
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