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Many people are likely unaware that Colombia, a country renowned for its beaches and tropical landscapes, is also home to snow and glaciers.
Skiing is one of the oldest means of transportation in the world, dating back thousands of years. However, collecting accurate information from that time is a challenging task. While the exact origins of skiing remain unclear, evidence suggests that it was initially employed as a practical means of transportation and hunting in regions characterized by snowy terrain, such as Scandinavia and Central Asia.
Skiing in Chile and Argentina traces its roots back to the construction of the Transandine Railway in the Andes, where European workers utilized skis to traverse the snowy valleys of the central Andes. In the path of this railway lies the legendary Ski Portillo, a world-class hotel and ski resort. Its exceptional facilities, high-quality snow, uncrowded slopes, and spectacular location make it the perfect place to indulge in Andean skiing. As South America's first ski resort, Ski Portillo holds a significant place in the global history of winter sports.
The adventure travel company, Untamed Borders, was the first to lead ski excursions to Afghanistan in 2011. The company has been operating there since, taking international tourists annually, apart from a brief break during the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour operator leads adventure ski excursions to the Koh-e-Baba Mountain range in Bamiyan Province, located in the center of the country. This region offers expansive acres of great powder and virgin routes, making it perfect for backcountry skiing.
Canada is a sovereign country located in North America. Its territory is organized into ten provinces and three territories. Its capital city is Ottawa, and its most populous cities are Toronto, followed by Montreal and Vancouver. Canada is commonly considered one of the most developed countries with a high quality of life in the world, boasting the eighth-largest economy despite having a population of approximately 40 million.
Bulgaria is one of the twenty-seven sovereign states that make up the European Union. It is located in Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and Southeast Europe. It borders Romania to the north (largely separated by the Danube), Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east.
Another great project related to winter sports and skiing in Brazil is: Ski na Rua, a non-profit organization created by Olympic athlete and cross country skier Leandro Ribela, that develops an educational sports project with young people in high vulnerability situations in the São Remo community, in the western region of São Paulo.
When we think of Brazil, beautiful beaches, football, bossa nova, and the vast Amazon jungle typically come to our mind. It’s hard to imagine that snowfall and skiing are possible in this huge tropical country.
Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign European country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe, bordered by Croatia to the north, west, and south; Serbia to the east; Montenegro to the east and south, and the Adriatic Sea to the southwest along a 21.2 km coastline.
This country is not the first place that comes to mind when we talk about snow sports, but it has more skiing culture than we imagine. Bolivia is a sovereign country located in the central-western region of South America. The country is divided into nine departments and 112 provinces, with Sucre serving as the official capital, housing the judiciary.
Bhutan is a small, landlocked country in the eastern Himalayas, bordered by India to the south and China to the north. With a population of just over 750,000 people, Bhutan is known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning mountain landscapes, and unique Gross National Happiness philosophy.
Belgium is more flat than mountainous, and unlike its neighboring countries such as France and Germany, it does not share the imposing mountain range of the Alps. This historically rich country is one of the twenty-seven sovereign states that form the European Union. It is located in northwest Europe
Despite Baku, its capital, being a popular tourist destination and Azerbaijan gaining more worldwide visitors, it is still not a well-known skiing destination in the western world. Azerbaijan is known as “The land of fire” due to its natural burning gas resources that have been present since ancient times because of the existence of oil fields.
This alpine country, considered by many as the birthplace of modern alpine skiing, offers more than 400 ski resorts. The following ten skiing areas will leave visitors fascinated by their landscapes, infrastructure, and world-class ski slopes, as well as the amazing après-ski scene.
When it comes to freeride skiing in Oceania, New Zealand often springs to mind as the go-to destination. However, Australia has much to offer as well.
Snowmads is a common project of Austrian pro freeskier and adventurer Fabian Lentsch and Karin Lechner, head of athlete management agency Nine&One.
Cerro Catedral, with over 100 km of ski slopes and a spectacular freeride terrain, is the largest ski resort in South America. Patagonia never fails to impress its inhabitants and visitors, thanks to its pristine, unique, and desolate landscapes. On the Argentine side of the Andes Mountain Range – the longest in the world – lies the city of Bariloche, located about 1500 km from the capital of the country, Buenos Aires.
This ski resort is 1,200 km from Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, and offers a perfect blend of pure nature, freeride skiing, world class infrastructure and ski slopes for all levels of skiers.
Antarctica has a unique and fragile environment, and the Antarctic Treaty System, which includes more than 50 countries, has designated Antarctica as a scientific preserve.
Situated in the Pyrenees Mountain Range, over 90% of Andorra’s land is covered by mountains, with Coma Pedrosa being the highest peak at 2,943 meters (9,656 ft) above sea level. Its landscape attracts outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers from all over the world.
From the 1930s until 1992, the town of Chréa had a unique and charming ski resort located in the Atlas Mountain Range of Northern Africa.
While Alaska may have been the last frontier for skiing a decade or two ago, the search for a truly wild experience has forced skiers elsewhere. Roughly ten years ago, TGR co-founder and Far Out director Steve Jones found himself in the mountains of Croatia with a local snowboarder and explorer named Seb Fleiss. The two had never met before, but Jones sensed something about Fleiss, and over the years a friendship blossomed, leading to several TGR trips to Eastern Europe. However, Fleiss kept bringing up the idea of skiing in Albania, but things never seemed to line up.
The country is blessed with rich natural resources, eye-pleasing landscapes, and eternal snows. This landlocked state in the heart of Asia, is known for its strategic location on the ancient Silk Road. However, despite its potential for tourism, Afghanistan has been plagued by decades of conflict, political instability, and economic turmoil.
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